Full Trailer for Basketball Betting Scandal Feature Film 'Inside Game'

"It's easy money…" "It's only easy, till it isn't!" iDreamMachine has debuted a full-length trailer for Inside Game, a dramatic feature inspired by the 2007 NBA Betting Scandal, "that the NBA doesn't want you to see!" The betting scandal involved a NBA referee and bookie, who worked together to rig games and earn payoffs. Starring Scott Wolf, Eric Mabius, Will Sasso, Lindsey Morgan, Berto Colon, Reggie Lee, and Michael O'Keefe. "Inside Game is an inside look at the lives affected by people who think they are above the law" showing that they will get caught. During an unrelated mob investigation, the FBI stumbles upon the scam and pursues legal action against all involved. Another you-will-always-get-caught crime flick.

Here's the full-length trailer (+ new poster) for Randall Batinkoff's Inside Game, direct from YouTube:

Inside Game Poster

You can still watch the first teaser trailer for Batinkoff's Inside Game here, to see the first reveal again.

Set in Philadelphia, the film details the real life story of Tommy Martino (Wolf) who along with his two childhood friends, NBA referee Tim Donaghy (Mabius) and a bookie Baba Battista (Sasso) hatches a fool proof scheme to make millions by betting on NBA games Donaghy is refereeing. Inside Game is directed by American actor / filmmaker Randall Batinkoff, making his second feature after directing the film 37 in 2014 previously. The screenplay is written by Andy Callahan; based on the 2007 NBA Betting Scandal. Raw Milk and iDreamMachine will release Batinkoff's Inside Game in select theaters starting on November 1st.